ESOL Lr/E3.2c Listen for detailed instructions

Listen for detailed instructions (i) Recognise sequence markers such as firstly, finally (formal), to start with (informal), and use them to aid understanding of instructions (ii) In face-to-face interaction, recognise deictic markers, e.g. this, that, here, there, and under (iii) Respond to detailed instructions by taking appropriate action, and respond in face-to-face interaction by asking for clarification (iv) Recognise collocations, including phrasal verbs, such as plug in, switch off, click onstand what they refer to

See also Sc/E3.3c

This resource is based on the DfES ESOL Skills for Life recording 'Phoning about symptoms'. It gives exam practice questions (C&G style) in the first section and in the second section an activity to enable learners to tune in to the sounds of English. The first section can be completed in class and the second at home or the whole sheet can be given for homework. Listening development at home enables learners to listen as often as they wish and tune in until they hear the text more clearly.

Entry Level 3
FE E3.1 Identify & extract relevant information & detail in straightforward explanations
ESOL Lr/E3.2a Listen for detail in narratives & explanations
ESOL Lr/E3.2b Listen for detail face to face or on the phone
ESOL Lr/E3.2c Listen for detailed instructions
ESOL Lr/E3.2d Listen for grammatical detail
ESOL Lr/E3.2e Listen for phonological detail
Health, Social care, Early years
Independent living