ESOL Lr/E3.2b

Listen for detail in a face-to-face situation or on the phone
(i) Recognise strategies that a speaker might use to draw attention to detail, e.g. varying speed of utterance, repetition
(ii) Understand the importance of checking back and confirming understanding, and be able to do so when necessary
(iii) Develop different strategies for listening for detail in real time on the telephone and in recorded messages which can be replayed

This resource has a range of activities to help students learn useful expressions/ language to make a complaint.
It is useful in building confidence in making complaints in person and on the telephone.

Editor’s note
Includes sample dialogue with questions (can also be used as a reading comprehension), matching cards, sammple scenarios, curriculum mapping and teaching notes.

Functional English - speaking, listening & communicating
Functional English - reading
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