ESOL Lr/E3.2a

Listen for detail in narratives and explanations.
(i) Understand and identify key words and phrases in a given context
(ii) Understand that unstressed syllables or words can be difficult to hear, and may need to be guessed at.
(iii) Listen for discourse markers and fixed expressions that indicate time, sequence or causality, e.g. first of all.., before you do that.., the reason I did that is..
(iv) Recognise discourse markers that indicate cause and effect or contrast, e.g. that's why, on the other hand (informal); as a result of, however (formal)
(v) Recognise the meaning and role of idiomatic expression, metaphor and connotation as appropriate to the level
(vi) Respond to detailed explanations as appropriate to context, e.g. by taking action, by making notes

A useful role play that provides the guest house owner’s script and prompts the student to complete the missing dialogue.
Designed to supplement the DfES ESOL materials (E3 unit 4 Getting to know the UK – page 9, Phoning a guest house) available at… but can also be used independently.

ESOL Lr/E3.2a
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