Being responsible online - Level 1

5. Being safe and responsible online 
Statement 18 - Being responsible online (Level 1 only):
Use appropriate language and behaviour online.

National standards for essential digital skills (DfE, April 2019)

Slides designed to support delivery of Gateway's EDSQ (Essential Digital Skills Qualification), Unit 5 (Being Safe and Responsible Online) at Entry Level 3 and Level 1, with embedded Functional Skills English activities at L1 and L2. This set of slides includes skills from sections 3 (Communication) .  The slides cover: how to report safety concerns, public Wi-Fi, Health and Safety and other online risks. Also many useful links to YouTube videos and other online learning applications. 

Level 1
Level 2
FE L1.3 Respond effectively to detailed questions
FS Eng L1.4 Communicate information / ideas / opinions clearly & accurately on range of topics
FE L1.6 Follow / understand discussions & make contributions relevant to situation & subject
FS Eng L2.5 Communicate information/ideas/opinions clearly/effectively with further detail/development if required
FE L1.12 Recognise that language & other textual features can be varied to suit different audiences & purposes
FE L1.17 Read & understand a range of specialist words in context
FE L1.18 Use knowledge of punctuation to aid understanding of texts
FE L1.24 Use format, structure & language appropriate for audience & purpose
FE L2.27 Use language & register (e.g. persuasive techniques, supporting evidence, specialist words) to suit audience & purpose
FE L1.10 Compare information, ideas & opinions in different texts
FE L2.12 Compare information, ideas & opinions in different texts, inc. how they are conveyed
Essential Digital Skills
EDS: Being safe & responsible online
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Being responsible online - Level 1
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