You're hired!

Submitted by Matt Barnes on Sat, 2011-06-04 16:44

Literacy: Functional English - speaking, listening & communication, Present information, Writing: text focus (composition), Functional English - writing, Engage in Discussion

Context: Art Film Media Music TV, Employment skills & Public services

Level: E2, E3, L1

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity, Investigation or project, Lesson plan, Listening and/or speaking activity, Writing prompts

This is an adapted and expanded version of Jodie Travis’ ‘Hired or Fired’ resource which is of course based on the popular TV show “The apprentice”. I used Jodie’s resource last year with a really big group, getting them to create a poster to ‘sell’ Manchester. I added some more ‘Apprenticey’ bits in, such as getting them to pitch their ideas at the front of the class after they’d made the posters, and it worked really well.

Later, I was more ambitious and adapted it further into a layered task that involves different roles for different learners, including giving somebody the opportunity to be Alan Sugar and play the role of THE BOSS and lead the task throughout. I’ve made really clear instructions for everybody to follow, including worksheets for people to fill in so they know exactly what their roles are within the group, and, with lots of tutor support, this makes for a really fun, really different session.

I’ve also included my lesson plan for the session (although I’ve put XXXX in instead of Manchester, so it can be adapted if people do want to use it), which is mapped to the adult literacy core curriculum. It is not mapped to Functional English but covers many E3-L1 writing and discussion skills.

Physical format: 
3 page lesson plan + 6 task sheet
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Resource File(s): 
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