Writing for impact GCSE 9-1

Submitted by Suz Groves on Fri, 2017-03-31 16:22

Literacy: Functional Skills English, GCSE A5

Free tags: AFOREST

Level: L2, GCSE L1-5

Resource type: Informative presentation, Worksheet or assignment, Writing prompts

A resource suitable for GCSE or Functional Skills English (L2) that uses an image of an old lady as the basis of a series of activities for students to learn/embed the following:

  • To understand how to quickly plan a piece of writing,
  • To consider genre, audience, purpose, tone and use language devices
  • To improve the impact of the writing.
  • Use A FOREST to remember language features.

The power point presentation (18 screens) includes:

  • An example of writing about “the lady”
  • How to score well in GCSE 9-1
  • How to to create a character profile
  • How to create a draft of descriptive writing in small groups or independently.

Finally, students assess their results and mark it against criteria out of 5.

Physical format: 
PPT, 4 page PDF, 1 Word file
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