Which suffix -cian -ssion, sion or tion?

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Tue, 2001-04-17 17:18

Literacy: Ww/E3.2, Rs/E3.2, Rs/L1.1, Rw/E3.5, Rw/L1.3, Ws/E3.1, Ws/L1.1, Ww/L1.1, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals, Ww/L2.1

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

An extensive 13 page resource that had a major facelift in 2007. Covers parts of speech (nouns and verbs), spelling rules, writing sentences, vocabulary, adding and removing suffixes and much more. With extensive teaching notes, student aims sheet, and ideas for using as a multisensory resource.

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13 pages
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