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Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Mon, 2011-07-18 10:15

Editor’s note
The given link is a new one for the interactive learning materials.
More updated links to follow.
The information below will also be updated in due course. In the meantime, all the resources below can be found by searching the newly designed Excellence Gateway site at

This new section of the Excellence Gateway replaces the old QIA Embedded Learning Portal. The new front-end makes it much easier to locate dozens and dozens of great printable resources – all mapped to the core curricula, Key Skills and occupational standards. The main focus appears to be E2-L1. However, there are many Milestone 7-8 / Entry 1 literacy resources in the Family Care section and some vocational resources such as nursing and construction include literacy and numeracy skills up to Level 2.

30+ vocational areas are covered: horticulture, social care, family health, early years, cleaning, food hygiene, trowel occupations, communication for international nurses, E2E, retail, catering, hospitality, hairdressing, warehousing, construction, painting operations, construction, production line manufacturing, cross sector skills (health and safety, food hygiene, first aid, ICT), transport and sports leadership. Dozens of useful worksheets, example texts and teaching ideas for each vocational area.

The printable “Skilled for Health” materials address people’s needs for a better understanding and improvement of their health. More than 50 topics are covered including: giving up smoking, mental well-being, immunisation, taking temperatures, talking to your doctor, etc.

Plus 92 generic interactive activities cover underpinning literacy and numeracy from Milestone 7 to Level 2.
Note: If you have difficulties viewing the interactive materials on lower resolution monitors press F11 to view full screen.

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