Spelling Problems

Submitted by Colleen Kelly on Thu, 2011-03-31 11:01

A site that explains the difficulties of the English language for people learning to read and spell, and provides useful sheets on the sounds of our language.

The site looks at English spelling patterns. It provides lists of words that contain patterns of letters with common sounds, and words that a learner may think follow the pattern but are in fact quite different. For example ‘break’ and ‘great’ but what about ‘breakfast’? Similarly with ‘a’ which is pronounced several different ways according to the word in which it is used.

There is a lot of easy to locate information on spelling, sounds, patterns and reasons. Very useful, although the user has to sift through to find and adapt what they need. Words are grouped by sound with a large bank of examples which are easy to navigate through. The author, Masha Bell, uses colour coding to help the reader understand and internalise the concepts.

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