Talent (training adult literacy, ESOL and numeracy teachers)

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Sun, 2011-02-06 15:09

A wonderful site that has been around a long time. First hosted by Hammersmith College but now by the London Strategic Unit for the Learning and Skills Workforce (part of the NRDC – see our link page).

After registering (free) you have access to a huge range of downloadable teaching materials and links (for tutors to use with their learners and for tutor trainers). You can also upload your own resources to share.

Interactive resources include London Online – the result of an e-learning training project where ESOL and basic skills tutors were encouraged to produce online learning materials. Five sections – friends, health, jobs, neighbourhood, shopping; each with a set of activities. Includes lots of audio / listening activities and downloadable editable Word worksheets.

There’s also a huge collection of printable resources and worksheets for classroom teaching and teacher training. Both sets of resources are fully searchable by level (pre-Entry-Level 2 for classroom resources, Level 2 – Level 6+ for teacher training) and subject (Lit, Num, ESOL, workplace, assessment, etc.). 1000s of documents are available: ESOL is particularly strong.

The site is constantly updated. For example, when writing this on Feb 6 the latest resources included ESOL Smart Notebook activities on comparatives and some lovely worksheets and games about fruit.

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