BKSB Basic, Key and Functional skills assessments

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Thu, 2011-02-17 19:00

This is one of many Harvard references to useful online references that I used in the Level 5 Maths ADTLLS, Meeting a learner’s needs / case study assignment (Part of Module 1: Approaches to Mathematics learning and teaching).

BKSB. (2008), Interactive Initial Assessment. Viewed 29 October 2008, http://www.bksblive.co.uk

Here’s how I used the reference in my essay:
IA (initial assessment) in September showed conflicting results (appendix A). On-screen numeracy IA (BKSB, 2008) suggested that student X was working towards E2 (Entry 2) whereas paper-based IA (Tools Library, 2008) described X as ‘working towards Entry 1’ for both literacy and numeracy. Such disparate results are unsurprising: BKSB assessment includes audio and non-readers can access each question.

The other reference in this excerpt is:
Tools Library. (2008), Skills for Life Assessment Materials, Standard Initial Assessment (literacy and numeracy). Viewed 29 October 2008, http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/toolslibrary

See our separate Tools Library listing for more information.

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