New Resources

New resources added in the last three months:

Type Added Title Author Level
Resource 1 July 2016 Wimbledon Facts & Figures Functional Maths assessment Maggie Harnew E2, E3, L1, L2
External link 28 June 2016 InformED - Educational Blog Sarah Rosario
Resource 25 June 2016 Pre-exam aural check Level 1 Functional Maths Maggie Harnew L1
Resource 24 June 2016 EU members - interpreting infographics Maggie Harnew E3, L1, L2
Resource 22 June 2016 Manage your own money Dawn Morris E2, E3, L1
Resource 21 June 2016 EU quick quiz Jay Hall E2, E3, L1, L2
Resource 21 June 2016 Present tense simple Magdalena Bicka E1, E2
Resource 20 June 2016 Help for Heroes - Functional English tasks Hazel Hughes E1, E2
Resource 20 June 2016 Object - initial sound match a e m r s t Hazel Hughes M6, M7, M8
Resource 18 June 2016 Writing an email - I saw a car for sale Hazel Hughes E2
Resource 18 June 2016 Shire horses - reading comprehension & writing tasks Hazel Hughes E1, E2, E3
Resource 16 June 2016 Entry Functional English listening tasks x 2 Hazel Hughes E1, E2
Resource 15 June 2016 Demonstrative pronouns for Entry ESOL Andrew Nava E2, E3
Resource 15 June 2016 Proof reading for Early Years students Linda M Hoole E3, L1
Resource 14 June 2016 Lisa's Diary - past & future tenses Marion Martin E1, E2, E3
Resource 13 June 2016 Living room vocabulary - words and pictures Sian Evans M8, E1
Resource 13 June 2016 Days of the week - spelling activities Jacqueline Stamp E1, E2
Resource 12 June 2016 Queen is 90 Street Party - Entry Functional Maths Maggie Harnew E1, E2, E3
Resource 9 June 2016 Ramadan Functional English tasks Carrie Bray E3, L1
Resource 8 June 2016 Muhammad Ali reading comprehension Joanne Collins L1
Resource 8 June 2016 The importance of applying sunscreen Jane Johnson L1, L2
Resource 1 June 2016 Learning to Drive - Functional English tasks Jane Johnson L1, L2
Resource 22 May 2016 Dialogue prompts for Entry ESOL role play (Set 2) Jenny Cole E1, E2, E3
Resource 19 May 2016 Positive & negative temperatures. Follow me cards Judith White L1, L2
Resource 19 May 2016 Profit or loss? Follow me cards Judith White L2
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