New Resources

New resources added in the last three months:

Type Added Title Author Level
External link 6 May 2017 Edexcel Level 2 Functional Skills English Revision Guide and Workbook Maggie Harnew
External link 6 May 2017 Learning Styles: Which one is mine? Maggie Harnew
Resource 17 April 2017 Number patterns & sequences for Functional Maths Maggie Harnew E2, E3
Resource 5 April 2017 Functional Skills Easter Quiz Nicola Smith E3, L1
Resource 31 March 2017 Writing for impact GCSE 9-1 Suz Groves L2, GCSE L1-5
Resource 31 March 2017 Red Nose Day 2017 Functional English reading Joanne Collins E2, E3, L1
Resource 9 March 2017 Personal Information for E1 ESOL Rebecca Gordon M8, E1
Resource 7 March 2017 March quiz with embedded maths, English and E&D Laura Bell E2, E3, L1, L2
Resource 6 March 2017 Health & Safety for Small Construction Sites embedded English workbook Jane Johnson E3, L1, L2
Resource 6 March 2017 Solar panels L2 Functional Maths questions Hannah Yates L2
Resource 6 March 2017 Probability questions for L2 Functional Maths Hannah Yates L2
Resource 15 February 2017 Cutting shapes out of materials L2 Functional Maths Hannah Yates L2
Resource 15 February 2017 Alphabet chart for ESOL adults Kate Lindley M6, M7, M8, E1
Resource 10 February 2017 Shrove Tuesday L2 Functional English Reading assessment Maggie Harnew L2
Resource 26 January 2017 Scale drawing questions involving plans and elevations Hannah Yates L2
Resource 15 January 2017 Highway Code for Motor Cyclists Jane Johnson L1
Resource 15 January 2017 Percentage Dice Game Sue Knox E3, L1, L2
Resource 12 January 2017 Writing about an object Ruth North E3, L1, L2
Resource 8 January 2017 Africa Cup of Nations 2017 Rebecca Gordon E1, E2
Resource 8 January 2017 FDP Functional Skills Maths practice questions Sunny Agnihotri L1, L2
Resource 7 January 2017 CVC words Hawa Lunat E1, E2
Resource 5 January 2017 Glossary of Building Terms Toby Doncaster L1
Resource 5 January 2017 Fidel Castro Lynn Bradshaw L1, L2
Resource 27 November 2016 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens adapted for Entry level readers Jacqueline Stamp E3, L1
External link 10 November 2016 in2wrk Adult Education John Callaghan
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