New Resources

New resources added in the last three months:

Type Added Title Author Level
Resource 8 December 2017 Fractions - real world examples Mike Hackman E2, E3, L1, L2
Resource 6 December 2017 Presenting information L1 ICT task sheet Ann-Marie Okeke L1
Resource 6 December 2017 Sentences using homographs Elizabeth Henderson E2, E3
Resource 4 December 2017 Sports Funding and Brexit - although, despite, however Eleanor Kliffen L1, L2
External link 27 November 2017 How to Pass Functional Skills English Reading Level 2 Marc Stewart
Resource 26 November 2017 Basic addition and subtraction worksheet generator Marc Stewart E1, E2, E3, L1
Resource 26 November 2017 Home made pizza price comparison Sara Clayton L1
Resource 16 November 2017 Odd even picture reveal activity Marc Stewart E2, E3
Resource 16 November 2017 How to write a formal letter or email - templates Leigh Johnson L1, L2
Resource 9 November 2017 Armistice day - Tower of London Poppies Geraldine Cruse M8, E1, E2, E3, L1, L2
External link 26 October 2017 The Golden Scissors: Hair Award Night Richard Buckley
External link 26 October 2017 The Golden Brick: Construction Award Night Richard Buckley
External link 26 October 2017 This Time Next Year We'll Be Millionaires! Richard Buckley
Resource 22 October 2017 Place value - underpinning for L1-2 Functional Maths Maggie Harnew L1, L2
Resource 18 October 2017 Halloween complex sentences Maggie Harnew L1, L2
Resource 10 October 2017 Are graffiti artists criminals? Sean Delaney L1, L2
Resource 9 October 2017 Halloween compound sentences Maggie Harnew E2, E3
Resource 4 October 2017 Halloween - Entry Level Functional English assessments Maggie Harnew E1, E2, E3
Resource 28 September 2017 Looking out for scams Rachel Farrow E1
Resource 27 September 2017 Fatbergs - L1 Functional English reading tasks Leon Palmer L1
Resource 26 September 2017 No Way Jose Will Dixon E1
Resource 25 September 2017 Using distance and mileage charts Nicola Smith E3, L1
Resource 25 September 2017 Stanislav Petrov - past perfect, mixed conditionals, reported speech Eleanor Kliffen L1, L2
Resource 24 September 2017 L1-L2 Functional Maths Loft Extension & other problems Elizabeth Adeyemi L1, L2
Resource 17 September 2017 Formula 1 Functional Maths Bruce Nightingale L1, L2
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