New Resources

New resources added in the last three months:

Type Added Title Authorsort icon Level
External link 24 January 2012 Using apostrophes Anonymous
Resource 29 May 2007 ICT images Anonymous E1, E2
Resource 24 November 2013 Christmas Gingerbread maths Anonymous M8, E1
External link 14 December 2012 Worksheet generator Anonymous
External link 5 February 2012 Literacy Assessment Online Anonymous
Resource 26 May 2011 Horticulture SoW with embedded Functional Skills Anonymous E3
External link 5 February 2012 Report comment bank Anonymous
Resource 3 November 2011 Guy Fawkes Night activities for Functional Skills Abigail Iliffe E3, L1
Resource 31 October 2011 Halloween reading comprehension Abigail Iliffe E3, L1
Resource 7 January 2012 Plural spelling rules Abigail Iliffe E2, E3, L1
Resource 9 March 2016 Health related role play and conversation Adele Harris E1, E2
Resource 22 September 2009 Question words revision Adrienne Dolphin E1
Resource 10 September 2013 The World of Weather Alexander Ross E3, L1
Resource 4 September 2012 Out for a drink Functional Maths Alexander Ross E3, L1
Resource 24 September 2012 Beer, Barrels and Casks L2 Functional Maths Alexander Ross L2
Resource 7 April 2013 Children's club Functional English writing task Alison Hastilow E3
Resource 7 April 2013 Leaving gift Functional English writing tasks Alison Hastilow E3
Resource 12 October 2015 Buying gifts - Functional English tasks (E1-2) Alison Hastilow E1, E2
Resource 22 June 2011 The punctuation family Alison Hastilow E3, L1, L2
Resource 7 April 2013 Come Dine with Me Alison Hastilow E3
Resource 9 October 2006 Tom's Night Out Alison Murray E1
Resource 9 October 2006 Favourite things bingo game Alison Murray M7, M8, E1, E2
Resource 14 November 2009 Apostrophes - 3 PPTs Alison Round L1, L2
Resource 11 August 2011 London tube Functional English task Allie Tarn E3, L1
Resource 8 May 2016 What have I learnt today? Self-reflection tool Allison Rice E1, E2, E3, L1, L2
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