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Functional Skills L1 Exams FAQs and revision

Submitted by Charlotte Gustar on Tue, 2011-05-17 17:53

Literacy: Functional English - reading, Functional English - writing

Numeracy: Functional Maths

ICT: Functional ICT

General: Exam tips and help

Resource type: Interactive presentation, Revision material

Level: L1

I have create these three PPTs for the three FS exams. I have aimed to create short PPTs to help ease some of the stress and pitfalls of the Level 1 exams. They are based around feedback and advice I have obtained from City and Guilds, students and tutors. Although written for C&G Functional Skills most of the information will be relevant any FS awarding body.
Each PPT includes key vocabulary/definitions, quick fire questions, common errors (and remedies), exam details (length, structure and what to bring).

Dice matrix games for English, Maths and ESOL

Submitted by Kathy Crockford on Fri, 2011-05-13 16:12

Literacy: General literacy / English

Numeracy: General numeracy / maths

ESOL: General ESOL

General: Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond

Resource type: Game, Listening and/or speaking activity

Level: E1, E2, E3, L1

Fun, multi-purpose speaking / reading / listening / writing / maths warm-up activity that can be used at any level and for any subject – particularly effective at Entry Level. Learners shake two dice to locate a word on a number matrix (good for maths:co-ordinates too!).
Five sample grids are provided – covering descriptions, homophones (2 grids), spellings and clothes – plus a blank grid so you can make your own. Includes full instructions and can also be used for numeracy.

Literacy: Reading, General literacy / English

General: Exam tips and help

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Revision material

A very clever resource! Page 1 is a series of tips aimed at L1-2 students taking the adult literacy multiple choice reading test but is relevant to any multiple choice English exam. Page 2 is a set of “multiple choice questions about multiple choice questions” – based on the information on page.

Victor the Vote Counter activity

Submitted by Nafisah Graham-Brown on Thu, 2011-05-05 08:33

Literacy: Listen for gist, Listen for detail, Functional English - speaking, listening & communication

General: Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond

Context: News, Politics &Government items

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity

Level: E1, E2, E3

This is a resource I developed, prior to the May 2011 referendum, to use as part of ‘language for expressing opinions’ at E3 Level. It’s quite basic but can be developed in different ways for classes of different levels. It is based the Victor the Vote Counter video available on YouTube or

Literacy: Functional English - reading

Numeracy: Functional Maths

General: Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond

Context: Independent living, News, Politics &Government items

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity

Level: E1, E2, E3

A simulation of the AV and FPTP voting system first used in an Entry Level Functional Maths and English class on Referendum day May 5th 2011.

Students vote for their favourite chocolate and compare the results when using the two different systems.

Resource includes AV and FPTP ballot papers, ballot box labels and a polling station poster. Plus links to voting information videos and easy-read referendum information leaflets.

L1 Functional Skills English Revision Handout

Submitted by Jon McGowan on Thu, 2011-04-14 16:55

Literacy: Functional English - reading, Functional English - writing

General: Exam tips and help

Level: L1

Resource type: Handout or guide, Revision material

This is a handout aimed at L1 Functional English learners.
It contains guidance on the reading and writing exam content. Plus some useful tips on maximising marks in the 9 key areas that an examiner looks at.
Although written for Level 1 it would also serve as a useful reminder for Level 2 students.

Would you rather...? Warm up

Submitted by Charlotte Gustar on Wed, 2011-04-13 20:13

General: Study Skills and General Teaching

Free tags: Humour

Level: E1, E2, E3, L1

Resource type: Warm-up

This is a fun, short warm up activity to energise learners at the start of the lesson. It asks students to make a decision on a question and either stand up or sit down depending on their views.

I use it with my Foundation learners, as I teach them maths at 9am in the morning and sometimes they need a short activity to engage them!

Two different versions are included. Some of the questions are not for the faint-hearted but all can be easily edited to suit your own learners.

Twilight books / films resource pack

Submitted by Colleen Kelly on Thu, 2011-04-07 12:10

Literacy: Fiction, Ww/E3.1, Functional English - reading, Rs/E2.2, Rt/E2.1, Rt/E3.1, Rt/E3.4, Rt/E3.8, Rw/E2.2, Ws/E2.1, Functional English - writing

General: Dyslexia support

Context: Art Film Media Music TV

Resource type: Cloze exercise, Crossword, Flash cards, Quiz, Reading comprehension

Level: E2, E3

A set of resources, written for an Entry 2-3 literacy group of young adults who were ‘into’ the Twilight books and films.
The resources may also be useful in Functional English classes as they are media based and can be adapted e.g. used as the basis for letter writing to an editor or newspaper, etc.
Includes: article and related quiz/comprehension questions, crossword (including a version with arrows to help dyslexic learners), cloze exercise, plus related word lists/cards for the cloze exercise and crossword.

Creating a presentation

Submitted by Sanchia Hylton-Smith on Thu, 2011-04-07 11:55

Literacy: Functional English - speaking, listening & communication, SLc/L2.3, SLc/L2.4, SLd/L2.4, SLd/L2.5

ESOL: ESOL Speak to communicate

General: Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond

Resource type: Handout or guide

Level: L2

Excellent advice on giving a presentation (this is a required part of Level 2 Functional English assessment and would also be useful for L2 literacy and possibly L2 ESOL). Step by step guide to planning and delivery.

Legal age quiz

Submitted by Carrie Bray on Mon, 2011-03-28 10:30

Numeracy: General numeracy / maths

General: Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond

Context: Employment skills & Public services, Independent living

Resource type: Quiz, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2, E3, L1, L2

A really interesting quick quiz – originally written to get e2e learners interested in numbers but makes an ideal warm up activity for any group (at any level).

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