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Functional English - writing General literacy / English Functional English - reading Ww/L1.1 Reading: text focus (comprehension) Writing: text focus (composition) Ww/L2.1 Rw/E1.1 Functional Skills English Rt/E2.1 Rt/E3.1 Rw/E1.2 Ww/E3.1 Rt/L1.1 Functional English - speaking, listening & communication Homophones, homographs & confusables Ww/E3.2 Rw/E2.2 Rw/L1.3 Rw/L2.3 Rt/E1.1 Ws/L2.4 Wt/E3.1 Rs/E1.1 Rw/E3.4 Ww/E1.3 Rw/E3.5 Reading: word focus (phonics & vocabulary) Ww/E2.2 Ww/E1.1 Rs/E3.2 Fiction Wt/L1.1 Reading Ww/E2.1 Rt/L2.1 Rt/L1.2 Wt/L1.4 Rs/L1.1 Rs/L1.2 Ws/E2.2 Writing Rw/L2.1 Ws/E3.1 Rw/E2.4 Engage in Discussion Rt/E3.7 Ws/E2.1 Wt/L1.3 Wt/L1.6 Rt/E3.2 Rw/L1.2 Wt/E2.1 Rw/E1.3 Rw/E2.1 Ws/E3.4 Rt/L1.3 Ws/E2.4 Prefixes, suffixes & plurals Ws/L1.3 Rt/L2.2 Wt/L2.1 Rw/E3.3 Rs/E2.2 Form filling Rt/E3.8 Wt/E3.4 Rs/E3.1 Wt/L2.5 Ws/E3.2 Recognise and understand a range of words Wt/L2.7 Wt/E3.2 Rw/L2.2 Ws/E2.3 Apostrophes Rt/E3.4 Speaking & Listening Rt/L2.3 Rw/L1.1 Ws/L1.1 Wt/L1.5 Rt/L2.4 Wt/L2.3 Ws/E1.1 Wt/L2.6 Rs/E3.3 Ww/E1.2 Rt/L1.5 Wt/E1.1 Rt/E3.3 Rt/L2.7 Rs/L2.2 Rt/E1.2 Poetry Ws/L1.2 Rt/L2.8 Apply strategies to spell correctly SLc/E1.3 Rt/L1.4 Reading: sentence focus (punctuation & grammar) Rs/E2.4 Rt/L2.5 SLc/E3.3 Ws/E1.2 Word origins Wt/E3.3 Rw/E2.3 Rt/E2.2 Rw/E3.2 Rs/E2.3 Writing: sentence focus (punctuation & grammar) Rt/E3.5 Wt/L1.2 Rw/E3.1 Ws/L2.1 SLlr/E3.2 Apply grammar Syllables Rs/L2.1 Plan, compose and draft Rt/E2.3 SLc/E2.3 SLd/E3.2 Ws/L2.2 SLd/L1.1 Rt/E3.6 Ws/E1.3 SLlr/E1.2 SLlr/E1.3 Rt/E3.9 SLlr/E2.2 SLd/E2.2 SLc/E2.2 SLd/E3.1 Use knowledge of grammar Rs/E2.1 SLc/E3.1 Rt/L2.6 SLlr/L1.2 Ws/E3.3 GCSE English SLc/E1.4 SLlr/E2.3 Rt/E2.4 Wt/L2.2 Use reference sources Wt/L2.4 SLc/L1.2 Apply punctuation and capitalisation SLc/L2.3 SLlr/L2.2 SLc/L2.4 SLlr/E1.6 SLd/E1.1 SLc/E2.1 Proofread Use knowledge of punctuation and capitalisation Use language style and purpose SLlr/E3.4 SLc/E3.4 SLd/L2.1 SLc/L1.1 SLc/L2.1 Present information SLlr/L2.4 SLlr/E2.4 SLlr/E3.1 SLc/E2.4 SLd/E3.3 Ws/L2.3 SLc/E3.2 Organise and present text structure SLlr/E3.5 SLd/L2.4 SLlr/E3.6 SLc/L1.3 SLlr/E1.1 SLlr/L1.3 SLc/L1.4 SLlr/L1.4 Ww/E2.3 SLlr/L1.6 SLc/E1.1 Follow and understand SLc/L2.2 SLlr/E1.4 SLc/E1.2 GCSE A5 SLlr/E1.5 Ww/L1.2 GCSE A6 SLlr/L2.3 Recognise purpose Use appropriate language and strategies Speak clearly and appropriately Decode Use reading strategies Identify main points and detail SLlr/E3.3 Listen for detail SLd/L1.2 Ww/E1.4 SLd/L2.5 Ww/E3.3 SLlr/L2.1 Listen for gist


Functional Maths General numeracy / maths Functional Maths - number Functional Maths - measures, shape, money Functional Maths - data handling MSS1/L1.1 MSS1/E3.1 N1/L1.3 N1/L1.7 Data Handling N1/L2.3 N1/E3.1 MSS1/L1.7 HD1/L1.1 HD1/L2.3 HD1/L1.3 N1/L2.4 MSS1/L1.9 Common Measures MSS1/E3.3 MSS1/L1.4 HD1/L1.4 Whole Numbers N2/L1.5 N2/L1.2 Number MSS1/L2.5 MSS1/L2.6 HD1/E3.1 N1/L2.1 N2/L1.9 N2/L2.8 N1/E2.2 N1/L1.1 HD1/L2.4 N1/L1.5 N1/E3.5 N1/L2.2 HD1/L2.1 MSS1/L1.8 MSS1/E3.5 N1/E2.3 MSS1/E2.2 MSS1/L1.3 HD1/L1.2 N2/L1.3 MSS1/E3.6 Mental maths MSS1/E2.3 MSS1/L2.7 MSS1/L1.2 N1/E3.2 HD1/L2.2 N2/L2.2 N2/L1.10 MSS1/L2.1 N2/E3.3 N2/L2.7 MSS1/E3.2 N2/L2.9 N1/E2.1 N1/E3.9 N2/L1.6 MSS1/E2.1 MSS1/E3.7 N2/L2.10 MSS1/L2.8 N1/E1.4 N1/E3.6 MSS1/E3.8 HD1/E2.1 N1/E2.5 N2/E3.1 MSS1/E2.5 N2/L2.3 Measures shape and space N2/L1.1 N2/L2.6 N2/L1.11 N2/L1.8 N1/E2.4 N1/L1.11 N2/E3.2 N1/L1.4 N1/E1.2 Fractions decimals & percentages HD1/E3.3 HD1/E3.4 MSS2/E3.1 N2/L1.7 N1/L1.2 N1/L1.6 HD1/E3.2 N1/L1.8 N1/E3.7 MSS1/L2.2 MSS2/L1.2 HD2/L1.2 MSS1/E2.4 MSS1/L1.10 MSS1/L2.9 N2/L2.4 MSS1/E1.1 MSS1/L2.10 Place value and counting MSS1/L1.11 N2/E3.5 Fractions N1/E3.3 MSS1/L1.5 MSS1/E1.2 MSS2/E2.2 N2/L1.12 N1/L1.10 Shape and Space N2/E2.2 MSS2/L2.2 N2/L2.1 MSS2/L2.3 N1/E1.1 MSS1/E2.6 N2/E3.4 Money N1/E1.5 N1/L1.9 MSS1/L1.6 MSS2/E2.1 MSS2/L1.1 N2/E2.1 MSS1/L2.3 N1/E2.6 N1/E2.7 HD1/E2.4 Extract and interpret information HD1/E2.5 MSS1/E2.7 N2/E3.6 MSS1/E3.4 Add subtract multiply divide N2/L1.4 N1/E3.8 Averages and range MSS2/E3.2 MSS2/L2.1 Length weight capacity temperature scales N1/E1.3 N2/L2.5 N1/E3.4 Collect organise represent MSS1/E3.9 MSS1/L2.4 HD2/L1.1 MSS2/E1.1 MSS1/E2.9 MSS1/E1.3 MSS1/E1.4 N1/E2.10 Perimeter area volume N1/L2.5 HD1/E1.1 HD1/E1.2 HD1/E2.2 Time HD1/E2.3 Estimate N1/E2.8 N1/E3.10 MSS1/E2.8 MSS2/E1.2 N1/E1.7 N1/E1.8 MSS2/E2.4 GCSE Maths - Foundation (1-5) MSS1/E1.5 GCSE S4 MSS1/E1.6 Calculate ratio and proportion N1/L2.6 Calculators Round Scale drawings MSS1/E2.10 Solve whole number problems Decimals HD2/L2.1 N1/E1.6 MSS2/E2.3


ESOL Rw/E1.1a General ESOL ESOL Ww/E1.1a ESOL Rs/E1.1a ESOL Rw/E1.2a ESOL Rw/E1.3a ESOL Ww/E1.1b ESOL Reading: text focus (comprehension) ESOL Sc/E1.4a ESOL Ws/E1.1a ESOL Rt/E1.1a ESOL Rt/E1.1b ESOL Reading ESOL Sc/E1.3b ESOL Writing: text focus (composition) ESOL Ww/E1.1c ESOL Listen and respond ESOL Rt/E2.1a ESOL Rw/E1.3b ESOL Rw/E2.1a ESOL Sc/E1.3a ESOL Ww/E1.2a ESOL Reading: word focus (vocabulary, word recognition, phonics) ESOL Speak to communicate ESOL Ww/E2.1b ESOL Rs/E2.1b ESOL Ww/E3.1a ESOL Ww/L1.1a ESOL Sc/E1.4d ESOL Sc/E1.1b ESOL Lr/E1.4b ESOL Rw/E2.3a ESOL Ww/E2.1a ESOL Writing: sentence focus (punctuation and grammar) ESOL Rw/E3.5a ESOL Sc/E1.2a ESOL Ws/L1.1a ESOL Wt/E1.1a ESOL Sc/E1.4b ESOL Writing: word focus (spelling and handwriting) ESOL Lr/E1.2b ESOL Ws/E2.1a ESOL Rw/L2.3a ESOL Ws/E3.1a ESOL Rt/E3.1a ESOL Ws/E3.2a ESOL Rw/E2.2a ESOL Lr/E1.5c ESOL Speaking ESOL Ws/L2.4a ESOL Writing ESOL Wt/E2.1b ESOL Rs/L1.2a ESOL Rw/L1.3a ESOL Sc/E2.2a ESOL Ws/E2.2a ESOL Sc/E1.1a ESOL Sc/E2.3a ESOL Sd/E1.1b ESOL Sc/E2.3f ESOL Reading: sentence focus (grammar, punctuation) ESOL Ws/L1.2a ESOL Ws/L2.2a ESOL Lr/E2.2a ESOL Engage in discussion ESOL Sc/E3.4f ESOL Rs/E3.1b ESOL Sc/L1.2a ESOL Sc/E2.1b ESOL Listening ESOL Rt/E2.1b ESOL Sc/E2.3b ESOL Sd/E1.1a ESOL Sc/E2.3d ESOL Lr/E1.4a ESOL Rt/E3.4a ESOL Sd/E1.1c ESOL Sc/E3.2a ESOL Rt/L1.1a ESOL Rw/E3.1a ESOL Sc/E1.3d ESOL Sc/E3.4a ESOL Rs/E2.1a ESOL Sc/E3.4d ESOL Lr/E2.3a ESOL Wt/E2.1a ESOL Rt/L2.1a ESOL Sc/E1.4c ESOL Lr/E2.3c ESOL Rt/L2.2a ESOL Rw/L1.1a ESOL Lr/E3.2a ESOL Rs/E3.2a ESOL Wt/E3.1a ESOL Rt/L2.4a ESOL Ww/L1.1b ESOL Rw/L1.2a ESOL Sc/L1.2b ESOL Lr/E3.2b ESOL Wt/E3.2a ESOL Rt/L2.5a ESOL Sc/L2.1c ESOL Lr/E3.2d ESOL Rs/L2.1a ESOL Wt/L1.1a ESOL Rt/L2.7a ESOL Rw/L2.1a ESOL Sc/E2.2c ESOL Lr/E1.2c ESOL Sc/L2.2a ESOL Lr/L1.2a ESOL Wt/L1.4a ESOL Sc/E2.2d ESOL Lr/E1.2d ESOL Sc/L2.3a ESOL Lr/L1.5a ESOL Ws/E2.3a ESOL Wt/L2.1a ESOL Lr/E1.2e ESOL Sc/L2.3b ESOL Lr/L2.1a ESOL Ws/E2.4a ESOL Wt/L2.5a ESOL Lr/E1.3b ESOL Lr/L2.3a ESOL Sc/E1.2b ESOL Rt/E3.7a ESOL Lr/E1.5a ESOL Sd/E3.1d ESOL Ws/L1.3a ESOL Rt/E3.8a ESOL Sc/E3.3b ESOL Lr/E1.5b ESOL Sd/L2.2c ESOL Ws/L2.1a ESOL Rt/E3.9a ESOL Ww/E1.2b ESOL Rw/E2.5a ESOL Sc/E1.3c ESOL Sc/E3.3d ESOL Rt/L1.5a ESOL Rw/E3.2a ESOL Lr/E2.2d ESOL Rt/L1.5b ESOL Ww/E2.2a ESOL Rw/E3.4a ESOL Sc/E3.4e ESOL Rs/E2.1c
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