Add single-digit numbers (a) reliably to five (b) with support to 10

Add and subtract

Submitted by Linzi Henry on Fri, 2007-05-04 17:18

Pre-entry: N1/M7.6, N1/M8.7, N1/M8.10

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: M7, M8

A set of two worksheets for Milestone 7 and 8. To be used after lots of practical, hands-on activities.

Milestone 8 Number

Submitted by Judy Valentine on Fri, 2007-01-05 17:25

Pre-entry: N1/M8.1, N1/M8.2, N1/M8.3, N1/M8.4, N1/M8.5, N1/M8.6, N1/M8.7, N1/M8.9, N1/M8.10

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: M8

A fabulous set of resources adapted from the Entry 1 Skills for Life materials at http://www.dfes.gov.uk/readwriteplus/LearningMaterialsNumeracy Covers most N1 Milestone 8 curriculum elements. Created so that E1 and M8 students in a mixed ability class had similar materials to work from.
Judy stresses that this resource should not be used in isolation but alongside lots and lots of practical activities.

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