Social signs quiz

Submitted by Heidi Griffin on Thu, 2008-05-15 15:53

Pre-entry: Rtc/M7.1, Rtc/M7.3, Wt/M7.1, Wt/M8.1, Ww/M7.1, Ww/M7.2, Rtc/M8.3, Ww/M8.1, Rw/M7.3, Rw/M8.3

Literacy: Rs/E1.1, Rt/E1.2, Rw/E1.1

Context: Health and safety, Independent living

Resource type: Flash cards, Quiz

Level: M7, M8, E1

A colourful quiz that can be used as a standalone activity or for consolidation and extension work after using Sally Shipton’s Types of Text: Social Signs PPT (see below). Created for an Entry 1 class but could also be used in preEntry classes either as a paper based quiz or cut into flashcards for working on recognition and discussion skills.

Pre-entry: Rtc/M7.1, Ww/M7.1, Ww/M8.1, Rw/M7.1, Rw/M8.1, Rw/M8.3

Literacy: Rw/E1.3, Ww/E1.2

Level: M7, M8, E1

Resource type: Sort or match cards, Worksheet or assignment

Sort letters from symbols, handwriting practice, write upper/lower case letters.

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