Subtract single-digit numbers from numbers up to 10 (a) understand the operation of subtraction and related vocabulary, e.g. difference, take away, less than (b) know how to add back to check, e.g. 10 - 6 = 4, 6 + 4 = 10 (c) understand subtraction is not commutative and that, using whole positive numbers, you can only subtract a number from itself or a larger one (d) understand that subtracting zero leaves a number unchanged

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E1.5, N1/E2.3, N1/E3.2, Functional Maths - number, N1/L1.3

Resource type: Resource generator, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E1, E2, E3, L1

This is a MS Excel resource that is designed to be a useful resource for producing sheets for starter activities or homework. This also provides a tutor marking sheet. The sheet can be used to differentiate by choosing larger or smaller numbers, and can be addition or subtraction.

Editor’s note
Creates printable sheets of 20 problems (plus answer sheets). Clever and useful!

Wordle activities for Entry level numeracy

Submitted by Dave Norgate on Wed, 2008-09-03 16:52

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E1.5, N1/E2.5, MSS1/E2.5, MSS2/E2.1, N1/E2.2, N1/E3.1, MSS1/E2.6, N1/E3.6, MSS1/E2.7, MSS1/E3.5, MSS1/E3.6, MSS1/E3.7

Free tags: Wordle

Level: E1, E2, E3

Resource type: Interactive whiteboard, Worksheet or assignment

Fabulous word and number cloud activities for E1 (maths words), E2 (odd even nos. and 2D shapes) and E3 (recognise, sort and and order metric measures). With instructions, extension ideas and answer sheets.

How to add and take away

Submitted by Jane Kay on Mon, 2008-06-02 16:53

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E1.5, N1/E2.3, Functional Maths - number

Resource type: Handout or guide, Poster

Level: E1, E2

A set of beautifully clear handouts (or classroom posters) for E1-2. Covers single and 2-digit numbers in a step by step fashion.

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Error fixed (see comments below), page nos. added and thumbnail picture added to description above.

The Four Operations - mathematical vocabulary

Submitted by Paul Nixon on Sun, 2007-10-14 17:18

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E1.5, N1/E2.5, N1/E1.6, N1/E2.7, N1/E3.6, N1/E3.9

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: E1, E2, E3

The Four Operations – mathematical vocabulary provides a great introduction to basic Entry Level number work. Matching activity and fill-in exercise.

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E1.5, N1/E1.2

Free tags: Follow me game

Level: E1

Resource type: Game

Follow me cards provide practice for read, add and subtract numbers up to 10 in this tried and tested circular game format. 11 well-designed cards.

Number Bonds - card match and ladder game.

Submitted by Jean Thomas on Thu, 2006-04-13 17:12

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E1.5, N1/E2.4, MSS1/E1.1, N1/E3.3

Resource type: Game, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E1, E2, E3

Match addition and subtraction problems to the correct answers and practise mathematical vocabulary. Then play the Money Ladder game to practise coin recognition, and adding and subtracting to 10/20. 2 versions available (for E2 & E3). Complete with spinners and ladder sheets.

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