Approximate decimals by rounding to a whole number and to one or two decimal places (a) Know what is meant by decimal places

Functional Skills mobile phone investigation

Submitted by Neil Carver on Thu, 2013-02-07 10:42

Numeracy: Functional Maths, N2/L1.10, N1/E3.7, N2/L1.2, MSS1/L1.9, N1/L1.8, N2/L1.5, N2/L1.12, N2/L1.7

Context: Electrical, Electronics & Technology

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Investigation or project, Worksheet or assignment

An activity using mobile phones. Students could also do a warm-up by measuring and weighing real phones (switched off)!

The lesson was designed for an E3 young learner class. The last section, using percentage changes, might suit stronger learners (L1 extension).

Editor’s note
Fully mapped to the Functional Maths criteria. Covers rounding whole nos. and decimals, money, percentages, fractions and area.

Rounding decimals

Submitted by Matthew Tiller on Thu, 2013-01-24 13:05

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.5

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: L1, L2

Learners round the same number to a several different degrees of precision. This reinforces that the important thing about rounding is what one is rounding to..

Numeracy: N2/L1.8, N2/L1.9, N1/E2.6, N2/L1.1, N2/L1.10, N1/E3.7, N2/E3.3, N2/L1.2, N2/L2.7, N1/L1.8, N2/L1.3, N2/L2.8, N2/L2.2, N2/L1.5, N2/L1.6, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.1, N2/L2.3, N2/L2.6, N2/L2.9, N2/L2.4

Resource type: Interactive worksheet, Resource generator

Level: E3, L1, L2

This spreadsheet is designed to enable students to check their own work; but also to learn about what happens when you add two decimals, or multiply two fractions, and so on.

The spreadsheet consists of the following sheets:

  • “Mult-div by 10-100-1000” allows a student to input a number and explore the effect when multiplied or divided by 10, 100 or 1000.

Easter Eggs - value for money?

Submitted by Judith White on Sun, 2008-03-09 16:53

Literacy: General literacy / English

Numeracy: Functional Maths - measures, shape, money, Functional Maths - number, N1/L2.3, MSS1/L1.1, N2/L1.5, N2/L1.6, N2/L1.7

Free tags: Spring, Easter, Equality and Diversity

Context: Retail Hospitality Customer service

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Discussion points, Investigation or project, Shared text, Worksheet or assignment

An L1-2 investigation that covers direct proportion (best buy), and rounding / calculating with money /decimals. Two options are included: students can either research Easter egg and chocolate prices on internet shopping sites or use those given. In both cases they must investigate the cost per 100g chocolate and work out the best buy. Final extension work includes consideration of ‘buy one get one free’ and ‘two for £…’ offers.

*Editor’s note.

Water content of fruits & vegetables

Submitted by Keith Ball on Thu, 2008-02-07 16:53

Numeracy: N2/L2.2, N2/L1.11, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.9

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Water content of fruits & vegetables provides interesting practice with percentages, rounding decimals and calculator use.

Numeracy: MSS1/E3.1, MSS1/L1.1, MSS1/L2.1, N2/L1.5, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.6

Context: Motor vehicles & Transport

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity, Worksheet or assignment

Multi-sensory activities pprovide a great way to practise adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals. Ideal for Motor Vehicle students and any E3-L2 learners that are interested in cars.

Jobs and salaries

Submitted by Jean Thomas on Sun, 2007-03-18 17:18

Numeracy: N2/L1.9, N2/L2.8, N2/L2.2, MSS1/L1.1, N2/L1.5, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.9

General: Autistic spectrum support, Dyslexia support

Context: Employment skills & Public services

Resource type: Game, Worksheet or assignment

Level: L1, L2

A budgeting activity that is ideal for teenagers and will prompt plenty of discussion on the realities of managing money. Comes with salary cards, rent cards, supplementary cards, balance sheets and extra extension sheets on percentages. With full teaching notes and ideas for further customisation.
First written for a group of teenagers with motivational and concentration difficulties due to a range for reasons including dyslexia, ADD and autism.


Submitted by Jane Marsh on Mon, 2006-09-04 17:11

Numeracy: N1/E2.6, N1/E3.7, N1/L1.8, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.5

Resource type: Interactive presentation

Level: E2, E3, L1, L2

Rounding presentation makes clever use of number lines and animation to demonstrate rounding whole numbers (nearest 10, 100, 1000) and decimals (nearest whole number, 1 and 2 d.p.) and using significant figures. Please ensure that you also download the accompanying PDF document (see below) with useful teaching notes and ideas for adapting the PPT for your own learners.

Numeracy: N2/E3.3, N2/L1.4, N2/L1.6, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.5

Resource type: Handout or guide, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E3, L1, L2

Practical and easy way to introduce decimals: use when multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100. Also useful when converting metric units, rounding decimals and for a general understanding of exactly what a decimal is! One partially completed chart to complete (with examples), answer sheet and a blank chart for students to use as they wish.

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