Sort and classify objects using a single criterion (a) Understand the concept of a criterion, e.g. a single feature such as colour, shape, gender (b) Make simple lists.

Cars tally slideshow

Submitted by Matthew Tiller on Thu, 2013-01-24 13:07

Numeracy: Functional Maths - data handling, HD1/E1.2, N1/E1.1, HD1/E2.4, HD1/E2.5, HD1/E3.3

Context: Motor vehicles & Transport

Level: E1, E2, E3

Resource type: Interactive presentation, Investigation or project, Warm-up

The classic example of a tally is keeping track of how many cars of each colour go past in the street, but that is rather awkward to do in practice.

Use this presentation to save having to leave the comfort of the classroom! It is a PowerPoint slideshow of cars of various colours, to be projected onto the board. Tell learners to keep a tally of how many cars of each colour appear. Where a car has more than one colour, they should put it under the predominant colour.

E1 handling data practice test

Submitted by Ruth Colclough on Wed, 2007-12-26 16:53

Numeracy: HD1/E1.1, HD1/E1.2

Resource type: Assessment material, Revision material

Level: E1

Entry 1 handling data practice test in Edexcel-style. Great for extra practice and revision. Covers many E1 HD1 (data and statistical measures) elements. With answer sheet.

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