Spell correctly words used most often in work, studies and daily life, including familiar technical words (a) Know and apply a range of methods (visual, phonetic, or kinaesthetic, or use analogies and mnemonics) to help learn and remember correct spellings (b) Understand how knowledge of word roots, prefixes and suffixes can support spelling, including the spelling of technical words (c) Understand that some polysyllabic words have unstressed vowel sounds, and that it is often helpful to segment the word into its parts, e.g. diff-er-ent, inter-est-ing, poison-ous

-augh word map for vocabulary and spelling

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Tue, 2005-11-08 14:02

Literacy: Ww/E3.2, Rw/E3.5, Rw/L1.3, Rw/L2.1, Ww/L1.1, Ww/L2.1

General: Dyslexia support

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Mind map

Originally created for a dyslexic student student who had learned to spell the word ‘laughter’. Use as an example for students to follow when making other word maps (but encourage them to make their own maps and make their own ‘connections’).

Suffixes and SQ3R mind maps

Submitted by Nikki Brown on Sat, 2005-10-22 14:02

Literacy: Reading: text focus (comprehension), Ww/L1.1, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals, Ww/L2.1

General: Dyslexia support

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Mind map, Worksheet or assignment

Suffixes and SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review). Two more wonderful mind maps from Nikki Brown. One summarises spelling rules for adding suffixes and is accompanied by 3 pages of revision worksheets. The second one sums up the SQ3R reading strategy – which can be useful for dyslexia and general reading support.
Please also download the separate answer sheet for the suffix questions.

Mindmaps: how to mindmap and spelling strategies

Submitted by Nikki Brown on Sun, 2005-03-06 14:02

Literacy: Ww/E2.2, Ww/E3.1, Ww/L1.1, Ww/L2.1

General: Study Skills and General Teaching

Level: E2, E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Mind map

Two great mindmaps for visual / picture thinkers. One shows you how to mindmap, the other summarises spelling strategies.

Which suffix -cian -ssion, sion or tion?

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Tue, 2001-04-17 17:18

Literacy: Ww/E3.2, Rs/E3.2, Rs/L1.1, Rw/E3.5, Rw/L1.3, Ws/E3.1, Ws/L1.1, Ww/L1.1, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals, Ww/L2.1

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: E3, L1, L2

An extensive 13 page resource that had a major facelift in 2007. Covers parts of speech (nouns and verbs), spelling rules, writing sentences, vocabulary, adding and removing suffixes and much more. With extensive teaching notes, student aims sheet, and ideas for using as a multisensory resource.

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