ESOL Ww/E2.1b

Use their knowledge of sound-symbol relationships and phonological patterns (e.g. consonant clusters and vowel phonemes) to help work out correct spellings, as appropriate for the needs of the learner (i) Understand that English is not always spelt as it sounds, but knowledge of the sound-symbol associations can still be useful in spelling (ii) Develop understanding of common letter patterns, including blends, vowel digraphs and word endings in English spelling, and know that these recur (iii) Be aware that the -ed past simple ending (washed, wanted) and the plural ending -s (boys, cats) may be pronounced differently but have the same spelling (iv) Develop the ability to discriminate between sounds, and understand that it is necessary to hear differences between sounds in order to link a sound with its symbol (v) Understand that having a knowledge of some basic spelling rules can be useful (vi) Understand that words are split into syllables and that knowing how many syllables a word has can help spelling.

Root word family cards

Submitted by Gemma Holtam on Tue, 2012-03-06 11:12

Literacy: Ww/E2.2, Ww/E3.2, Rw/E2.2, Rw/E3.1, Rw/L1.3, Ww/L1.1, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E2.3a, ESOL Rw/E3.1a, ESOL Rw/E3.5a, ESOL Rw/L1.1a, ESOL Rw/L1.3a, ESOL Ww/E2.1b, ESOL Ww/E3.1a, ESOL Ww/L1.1a

Level: E2, E3, L1

Resource type: Flash cards, Sort or match cards

Root word family cards are two sets of flash cards that can be used to visualise the concept of root words to entry level and L1 students.

The entry level cards contain a number of root words and their word families, with a picture representation of each word. The level one sheet contains a higher level of vocabulary and the pictures have been removed.

Lesson Ideas

  • The cards could be given to the students to group into word families.

Plural spelling rules

Submitted by Abigail Iliffe on Sat, 2012-01-07 17:53

Literacy: Ww/E3.2, Ww/L1.1, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals

ESOL: ESOL Ww/E2.1b, ESOL Ww/E3.1a, ESOL Ww/L1.1a, ESOL Ww/L1.1b

Level: E2, E3, L1

Resource type: Handout or guide, Sort or match cards, Worksheet or assignment

Visual colour-coded resource, explaining the main plural spelling rules. Created for E2/E3 learners, but could also be useful for all visual learners working between E2-L2.

Includes: colour-coded fact sheet, blank table, worksheet and flash cards to cut out and laminate. Could be used for a number of different activities.

Adding -ing to verbs

Submitted by Vicky Goutis on Thu, 2010-03-11 22:29

Literacy: Ww/E2.2


Level: E2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

A straightforward but very useful 1 page spelling sheet written for E2 ESOL (also great for Literacy).

Fruit and vegetables

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Fri, 2007-06-08 17:18

ESOL: ESOL Ww/E1.1a, ESOL Ww/E1.1c, ESOL Ww/E2.1b

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: E1, E2

Resource type: Interactive presentation

Provides group spelling, vocabulary and speaking practice. Also useful for recapping count / non-count nouns (e.g. asparagus), indefinite article (e.g. an apricot) and special plurals (tomatoes, radishes). Originally used with a cordless keyboard and mouse to practice spelling homework. Can easily be adapted to include your own group’s key spellings / vocabulary.
Please read the notes area on slide 1 for teaching ideas, curriculum links, etc.

Yesterday's World

Submitted by Margaret Adams on Tue, 2007-02-20 17:19

Literacy: Ww/E2.2, Ww/E3.1, Rt/E3.1, Rw/E2.2, Rw/E3.5

ESOL: ESOL Lr/E2.2d, ESOL Rw/E2.3a, ESOL Sc/E2.1b, ESOL Ww/E2.1b

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Resource type: Cloze exercise, Crossword, Listening and/or speaking activity, Reading comprehension

Level: E2, E3

Yesterday’s World text (about an attraction in Sussex) and related phonics activities based on the two sounds of the digraph /th/. Includes word sorting, cloze, crossword.

Originally written for a mixed level Literacy and ESOL group.

Work - vocabulary cards

Submitted by Laura Jeffrey Kiiza on Fri, 2007-01-19 17:19

Literacy: Ww/E1.1, Ww/E2.1, Ww/E2.2, Rw/E1.1, Rw/E1.2, Rw/E2.1, Rw/E2.2

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E1.1a, ESOL Rw/E1.2a, ESOL Rw/E2.2a, ESOL Rw/E2.3a, ESOL Sc/E1.1b, ESOL Sc/E2.1b, ESOL Ww/E1.1a, ESOL Ww/E1.1b, ESOL Ww/E2.1a, ESOL Ww/E2.1b

Context: Employment skills & Public services

Resource type: Flash cards, Sort or match cards, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2

27 pictures of different jobs and matching word cards – plus lots of teaching ideas for Entry 1 and 2 literacy and ESOL classes.

Verb endings -ed -ing

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Thu, 2005-06-23 14:02

Literacy: Ww/E3.2, Ws/E3.2

ESOL: ESOL Ws/E3.2a, ESOL Ww/E2.1b

Level: E2, E3

Resource type: Interactive worksheet

Editable online interactive Word worksheet. Explore various sites to practice adding -ed and -ing suffixes and investigate irregular past tense verbs. Uses the Guide to Grammar and Writing and English Zone

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