ESOL Wt/L2.1a

Apply genre-specific planning strategies as appropriate (i) Plan and draft a text clearly and effectively, acting upon knowledge of genre, the purpose for writing, context and audience, including the reader's knowledge and expectations (ii) Plan and draft writing as part of a generic process that involves choice at every stage and includes generating and selecting ideas, choosing how to plan, selecting the most appropriate format and layout, ordering ideas, choosing vocabulary and structures, and drafting and redrafting

Drink driving - write a speech

Submitted by Karen Foot on Tue, 2015-03-03 22:29

Literacy: Plan, compose and draft, Functional English - writing


Context: Health and safety, Health, Social care, Early years, Motor vehicles & Transport

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Worksheet or assignment, Writing prompts

Level: L2

One of the Level 2 Functional English Writing exam papers asked students to write a speech.

I found a speech online and showed them how to use repeated words, emphasis, subheadings and to think about their audience. I then used the Drink Aware website to create this resource to enable students to practise speech writing.

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