ESOL Rw/L2.1a

Read and understand technical lexis (i) Recognise some technical lexis from a range of fields, and a wide range of technical vocabulary related to fields of more relevance to themselves (ii) Understand that technical lexis is often created by: (a) adapting/extending the meaning of existing words and word patterns (b) using a range of common prefixes, suffixes and known roots, such as micro-, macro-, ex- (meaning ‘out of'), -ism, trans- (iii) Understand that this can provide clues to the meaning of unknown words, e.g. computer menu, astronaut, micro-surgery (iv) Know when it is possible to make an informed guess at the meaning of technical lexis from knowledge and context, and when it is necessary to look up the meaning in a dictionary or glossary Example: Work out the meaning of a range of unfamiliar words by using derivations, word families, etc. So in a mobile phone manual: A single set of three rising tones indicates the number you have dialled is unobtainable.

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