ESOL Rw/E2.2a

Recognise a range of familiar words and words with common spelling patterns (i) Read on sight personal key words and high-frequency words such as thing, tell, because, school, wage slip NB: Personal key words and high frequency words will vary from learner to learner, depending on their use of English. So high frequency words for learners meeting in their children's primary school are likely to be different from those meeting in the workplace.

Literacy: Ww/E1.1, Ww/E2.1, Rw/E2.1

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E2.2a, ESOL Ww/E1.1a, ESOL Ww/E2.1a

Free tags: Christmas

Resource type: Cloze exercise, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2

A fun starter or plenary activity for the Christmas season to revise spelling of cardinal numbers. The worksheet contains a version of the traditional Christmas lyrics with all the cardinal numbers replaced by gaps for students to complete, thus gaining practice in spelling the numbers 1 to 12, as required by Cambridge Progression Entry Level 1 Sentence Unit. Students are then prompted to write the remaining numbers up to 20, as required by Cambridge Progression Entry Level 2 Sentence Unit.

Summer bingo

Submitted by Rachel Emmett on Thu, 2009-07-09 17:25

Literacy: Rw/E1.1, Rw/E2.1

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E1.1a, ESOL Rw/E2.2a

Free tags: Summer

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism

Level: E1, E2

An ideal end of year or summer activity for beginning readers (ESOL or Lit). 9 illustrated bingo boards plus checklist.

Drag and drop colour

Submitted by Cathy Barton on Fri, 2007-02-23 17:19

Literacy: Ww/E1.1, Ww/E2.1, Rw/E1.1, Rw/E2.1

ICT: Entry 1 and 2 ICT

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E1.1a, ESOL Rw/E2.2a, ESOL Ww/E1.1a, ESOL Ww/E2.1a

Level: E1, E2

Resource type: Interactive worksheet

Drag and drop colour worksheets provide great reading, vocabulary and spelling practice for Entry ESOL & Literacy students. Plus practice in using a mouse, drag and drop, typing in spellings, etc. for Entry ICT students.

Work - vocabulary cards

Submitted by Laura Jeffrey Kiiza on Fri, 2007-01-19 17:19

Literacy: Ww/E1.1, Ww/E2.1, Ww/E2.2, Rw/E1.1, Rw/E1.2, Rw/E2.1, Rw/E2.2

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E1.1a, ESOL Rw/E1.2a, ESOL Rw/E2.2a, ESOL Rw/E2.3a, ESOL Sc/E1.1b, ESOL Sc/E2.1b, ESOL Ww/E1.1a, ESOL Ww/E1.1b, ESOL Ww/E2.1a, ESOL Ww/E2.1b

Context: Employment skills & Public services

Resource type: Flash cards, Sort or match cards, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2

27 pictures of different jobs and matching word cards – plus lots of teaching ideas for Entry 1 and 2 literacy and ESOL classes.

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