Leisure Travel Tourism

Holiday brochure appetiser

Submitted by Heidi Griffin on Thu, 2008-09-11 16:52

Literacy: Rt/E3.4, Rt/E3.5, Rt/E3.6, Rt/E3.7, Rt/E3.8, Rt/L1.3, Rt/L1.4, Rt/L1.5, Rt/L2.3, Rt/L2.6, Rt/L2.7

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity, Teaching idea, Warm-up

A great warm-up activity. Students work in pairs to find information in holiday brochures. Easily adapted for your own brochures. Covers scanning, organisational features, detailed reading, etc. at E3-L2.

Converting currencies

Submitted by Pauline Bicker on Mon, 2008-09-08 16:52

Numeracy: MSS1/L2.1

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Level: L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Lots of practice converting sterling to various currencies (selling rate) and then converting back (buying rate).

Cowes Week

Submitted by Jeanette Edwards on Tue, 2008-09-02 16:52

Literacy: Reading: text focus (comprehension)

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism, Sport

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Reading comprehension

An illustrated text accompanied by a wonderful set of varied Entry 3 – Level 1 questions. These cover so many reading elements (also spelling) that the resource could almost be used as a diagnostic assessment tool. Includes comprehension, prefixes/suffixes, compound words, dictionary and vocabulary work, sentences and punctuation.

Converting temperatures

Submitted by Pauline Bicker on Tue, 2008-09-02 16:52

Numeracy: N1/L2.4, MSS1/L2.4

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Level: L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Lots of practice in substitution and converting temperatures from home and abroad. With comprehensive answer sheet.

Nouns and adjectives

Submitted by Vicky Douglas on Mon, 2008-07-07 16:53

Literacy: Ws/E2.2, Ws/E2.4

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Level: E2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

A short text about a holiday in Barcelona. Students must find all the nouns and adjectives (also makes good E2 reading practice).

Personal Travel Planner & Planning a Holiday

Submitted by Lynne Bradshaw on Sun, 2008-06-22 11:29

Literacy: General literacy / English

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Lesson plan, Listening and/or speaking activity, Teaching idea

Two great activities (one long and detailed – suitable for 2-3 sessions; one shorter and quicker, for a single session) ideal for E3-L1 literacy and ESOL students of all ages. Includes step by step detailed session plans which cover speaking and listening (interviewing), reading and writing skills.
The overall idea is to interview people and then plan their perfect holiday – showing the results as a poster or display. An interview sheet is included.

London Tube

Submitted by Janet Kinsey on Mon, 2008-02-11 16:53

Literacy: Rt/E3.7, Rt/E3.9, Rt/L1.5, Rt/L2.7

ESOL: ESOL Rt/E3.7a, ESOL Rt/E3.9a, ESOL Rt/L1.5a, ESOL Rt/L1.5b, ESOL Rt/L2.7a

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Resource type: Reading comprehension

Level: E3, L1, L2

A series of differentiated questions based on the famous London underground map. Great for scanning practice and sparking off further discussion or writing work.
Tube maps can be found at: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/gettingaround/1106.aspx

Lottery win

Submitted by John Thompson A on Tue, 2008-02-05 16:53

Numeracy: MSS1/E3.1, N1/L1.1, MSS1/L1.1

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism, Motor vehicles & Transport

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Investigation or project, Worksheet or assignment

Involves ‘budgeting’ and research for buying a new car and a luxury holiday (2 separate worksheets) from a £100 000 lottery win. Covers addition (money) and large numbers.

Phoning a guest house

Submitted by June Mill on Sun, 2008-02-03 16:53

Literacy: SLc/E3.2, SLc/E3.3, SLlr/E3.1, SLlr/E3.2

ESOL: ESOL Lr/E3.2a, ESOL Sc/E3.2a, ESOL Sc/E3.3b, ESOL Sc/E3.3d

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity

Level: E3

A useful role play that provides the guest house owner’s script and prompts the student to complete the missing dialogue.
Designed to supplement the DfES ESOL materials (E3 unit 4 Getting to know the UK – page 9, Phoning a guest house) available at http://rwp.excellencegateway.org.uk/readwriteplus/Learning_Materials_ESOL but can also be used independently.
Please note the audio tracks from the related DfES ESOL audio CDs are now available electronically from:
http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/page.aspx?o=201231 (you need ESOL Entry 3A track 27)

Winter holiday in Lapland writing assignment

Submitted by Marion Crocker on Sat, 2007-12-08 17:17

Literacy: Writing: text focus (composition)

Free tags: Winter, Christmas

Context: Leisure Travel Tourism

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Assessment material, Writing prompts

Covers planning, drafting and proof reading a recount. This is an adapted version of the popular Entry Level Christmas in Lapland assignment (see below). This version is aimed at Entry 3 – Level 2 and gives the writer a choice of format: letter, diary entry or story. This version also removes the Christmas references and can thus be used at any time during the winter months. With a mark sheet for E3, L1 or L2 to allow for differentiated assessment.

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