Many thanks

Hi Maggie,

Many thanks for your email.

  • The Skills Workshop resources are really useful for our current learners who have very little English (Pre Entry)
  • I am looking at all areas of information provided and am very thankful that I have found your website

Kind Regards

Eve Carroll, Independent Living Skills Co-ordinator, YMCA Bedfordshire, June 2017

Thanks for the lotto activities

I am writing this to say a big thank you to you!

I am a trainee mathematics teacher from UCL, doing my teaching practices in two schools.

Your Lotto game board activities have helped me a lot in terms of interactive activities throughout the course.
All my learners and observers have liked them and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

So, once again, Many thanks!

Editor’s note
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Sandu, May 2017

Burger Kings L2 Functional English

Norma Stevenson sent a message using the contact form at

I have never posted on the website but have just read the Charlie Brooker L2 Burger Kings article and thought the accompanying resource by Stephen Griffin was excellent!

Norma Stevenson, March 2017

Independent living skills

I teach intellectually disabled learners, ages 16-21, in the Buffalo, New York Public School. This is my 30th year of teaching. Skillsworkshop is an excellent web site for my classes.

Rose McKeller, July 2016

Thanks a lot!

I am currently teaching English in Romania and was lucky enough to discover your website.

Thanks a lot!! These are some of the most interesting and creative ways of teaching I have come across.

Akshay Singh, February 2016

Helpful construction resources

I am applying for a tutor role and have found the skills workshop to be excellent as I prepare my lesson plan for presentation at my interview.

Coded construction maths, Tools used in construction carpentry, and Decorating have been particularly helpful.

Brian Cassidy, January 2016

Beauty Therapy

Fantastic resources!
I’m a student teacher and found this very useful for incorporating math and English into my lesson plans.
Thank you!

Lisa Jones, California, US., November 2015

Thank you

Dear Ms Harnew.

I am a very inexperienced ESOL teacher in my first year of teaching Skills for Life ESOL to adults at Pre Entry and Entry 1 level. My teaching brief includes designing my lessons around the curriculum, which was really daunting.

I am writing to say how much I rely on skillsworkshop and how useful I find your worksheets and ppts.

It really is a huge thank you as I can’t afford subscriptions to sites such as onestopenglish and I rely very heavily on finding an activity to support the curriculum on skillsworkshop.

I don’t think I could teach without your help and other contributors.

Thanks very much

Jay Hall, May 2015

Mathematics skills

I find the site very useful for teaching my kids functional maths skills.

Samuel Awolola, London, January 2015

ICT, Literacy, Numeracy, Pre entry

The Skills Workshop site is one of the most useful and excellent resources I have come across when planning my teaching. The resources in literacy, numeracy and ICT are invaluable when planning teaching sessions.

With such a variety of ideas at different levels, especially for working with adults with learning difficulties, the activities provide exciting activities which can easily be differentiated within a mixed ability group.

Thank you for such a great resource.

Sara Powell, Preparation for Life and Work, NPTC Group, Wales., September 2014

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